By John Ramsperger

There has been a lot of interest in residential real estate in Sanford in the last two years. This is mainly because the metro areas around us are growing fast, and their housing prices are more expensive.

As the Triangle grows, housing becomes scarce. Scarcity creates demand, and demand pushes prices up. To put it another way, more people are moving to the area than the existing housing inventory can handle. This creates a seller’s market. Good for the seller — bad for the buyer.

Consumers are now looking a little down the road (southwest of the Triangle) at Sanford and Lee County. They note that the distance is only about 30 miles. If they get in their car and drive, they note that the trip down U.S 1 is rather serene and much less congested that I-440 and I-540.

Once they arrive in Sanford, they note the small-town feel. They see a thriving downtown. They see people on the sidewalks and lots of cars parked in front of the local establishments. These don’t see lots of franchises downtown (another plus). This all adds up to a homey feel with charm and character.

Finally, they see the list prices of the homes and they can’t believe how far their dollar goes.

I have lived in Sanford 20 years — I moved from Raleigh. I guess I was ahead of the curve. Sanford has changed a LOT in 20 years. Twenty years ago, we were too far away. Twenty years ago, Fuquay-Varina and Pittsboro were also too far away. Now, all are viable commutes for people relocating to the Raleigh area. The difference is … Sanford is still less expensive than Fuquay-Varina and Pittsboro.

Sanford also has its own identity. I have never considered Sanford a suburb of Raleigh. I think we are our own town that happens to be close to Raleigh, Fort Bragg and Pinehurst. And hey … we’ve even got our own alternative news magazine!


John Ramsperger is the owner of Sanford Real Estate. He lives here with his wife, Tawny, and two teenaged boys. He grew up in Rochester, New York, and loves calling Sanford home.