A bridal bouquet designed by Katie Thomas of KatieDid Floral at a recent ceremony at Daniel’s Ridge. Photo by Brynn Gross.

By Katie Thomas, KatieDid Florals

Know someone or a few someones getting married this year? You’re not alone. 2021 is the year of the wedding.

Many weddings being held this year were supposed to happen in 2020, and these planned and re-planned weddings are sparking new floral trends that make saying “I Do” more personal, unique and intentional.

As a floral designer who specializes in only wedding and event floral design, I’ve noticed my couples expressing themselves more than ever through their floral choices. Some of the biggest trends in floral design for this year’s busy wedding season are subtle, and some are over the top. I am here for it all and thrilled to share some emerging floral design trends with you.

Bold, Bright Color Palettes

Want a cheery wedding that will welcome your guests with all the colors of the rainbow? Many couples are looking forward to a bright future and shaking off the dust of 2020 by incorporating fun and whimsical colors into their wedding.

From sherbet oranges, saturated pinks, cool blues and moody purples, these on-trend colors are a great way to add an exuberant vibe to your event. Floral growers are always creating new varieties of flowers in response to an industry that wants colorful blooms so couples have more options than ever before.

Couples in the know are moving away from the traditional white, blush and gold color palettes and selecting colors that feel personal and tell their unique love story.

Seasonal, Local and Unique

You’ve probably not thought of it, but an average wedding supports five or more local businesses. Your wedding planner, caterer, event venue, baker, photographer and florist are all more than likely small local businesses.

Most couples hire a local floral designer, but that designer’s supply of flowers isn’t necessarily grown in his or her backyard or even in this county. When the pandemic shut down the international floral trade and the demand for flowers decreased, farmers were left with thousands of blooms and no buyers. In order to stay afloat, many floral farmers using social media and other technologies started to sell locally or regionally directly to floral designers. This direct-from-farmer-to-florist relationship has continued to grow in 2021 and is making fresher, more original, locally grown products available for wedding designs.

Many florists are educating their clients about the benefits of adding locally or American-grown flowers to their wedding and helping couples discover more seasonal and beautiful blooms along the way.

A Sweetheart Table design by KatieDid Florals in Sanford. Photo by Brynn Gross. Venue: Daniel’s Ridge. Planner: Brooks and Reid Events

Adding Texture

More and more often, I am seeing my couples embrace a mixture of dried and preserved floral, mixed in with live blooms. Dried and preserved floral adds unique textures and colors that mother nature simply can’t replicate, and as an extra bonus, they never fade so they can be brought home and kept as a reminder of your wedding day.

Over-the-Top Design

Your ceremony is the most important part of the wedding, so why not celebrate it with a stunning over-the-top-design that wows your guests and makes that “I Do” moment one to remember?

Many couples are choosing to enhance their ceremony with large and impressive floral installations inspired by Mother Nature. A stunning arbor, floating, grounded install or impressive aisle design is where couples are focusing their blooms.

Insider tip: If you’re spending a good amount of your floral budget to create a ceremony design, make sure to discuss with your floral designer how to repurpose it into your reception. With the use of creative floral mechanics, an experienced floral designer can “flip” your designs during the cocktail hour, taking that “Wow” moment and continuing it throughout your event.

Sweetheart Table Design

An emerging trend is couples carving out a short time to privately celebrate their marriage either right after the ceremony or with a last private dance. For couples that don’t want to fully disappear from their reception, the sweetheart table is an always-popular option, and enhancing it with over-the-top floral design is a trend that has continued into 2021.

Cascading arrangements, organic floor arrangements and a lush tablescape with statement lines, gauzy runners, candles and personal décor items that speak to the couple’s style are just a few of the ways sweetheart tables are standing out.

It is also one of the best places to repurpose your ceremony floral designs!


2021 will continue to surprise when it comes to floral design. As many of us emerge from a digital world back into familiar routines, celebrations that are long overdue are becoming more curated, thoughtful and playful. Floral designs that celebrate nature, color and texture are natural responses to a year like no other.

As a designer I am looking forward to the diverse, beautiful and whimsical floral design 2021 is offering up.


Katie Thomas is the owner and lead designer of KatieDid Florals, a bespoke floral design company based in Sanford that specializes in wedding and events.


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