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About The Rant


The Rant began as a hobby radio show in Sanford, North Carolina in 2008 and was infamously “kicked off the air” in 2013. In January 2014, the Rant relaunched as the news blog you’re reading now. We offer news coverage and opinions on whatever we think is interesting, mostly – but not limited to – in and around our homes in Sanford. We hope you find it interesting as well. Billy Liggett is a former newspaper editor who left the business to work in higher education in 2011. Gordon Anderson is a former newspaper reporter who has worked as a freelance writer and political campaign strategist since 2010. All Rant stories are a collaboration between the two unless otherwise noted.

5 thoughts on “About The Rant

  1. Very nice blog…just stumbled across it today. Question though…why is past content either not available through an archive of the like, or is very difficult to find. I linked into the site through an old business update article about the new Hobby Lobby, but can’t for the life of me find it or other, older content from the regular front page of the blog. Content is king, and it would behoove the site to have as much available as possible. So what am I missing?


    I would appreciate news regarding Attorney John Silverman supposed misconduct resulting in his suspension of his law license. The rumors run amuck and would like more information than is offered in the local news paper. Thank you.

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