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The Rant began as a hobby radio show in Sanford, North Carolina in 2008 and was infamously “kicked off the air” in 2013. In January 2014, the Rant relaunched as the news blog you’re reading now. We offer news coverage and opinions on whatever we think is interesting, mostly – but not limited to – in and around our homes in Sanford. We hope you find it interesting as well. Billy Liggett is a former newspaper editor who left the business to work in higher education in 2011. Gordon Anderson is a former newspaper reporter who has worked as a freelance writer and political campaign strategist since 2010. All Rant stories are a collaboration between the two unless otherwise noted.

Contact them at billy@rantnc.com or gordon@rantnc.com.

34 thoughts on “About The Rant

  1. Very nice blog…just stumbled across it today. Question though…why is past content either not available through an archive of the like, or is very difficult to find. I linked into the site through an old business update article about the new Hobby Lobby, but can’t for the life of me find it or other, older content from the regular front page of the blog. Content is king, and it would behoove the site to have as much available as possible. So what am I missing?


    I would appreciate news regarding Attorney John Silverman supposed misconduct resulting in his suspension of his law license. The rumors run amuck and would like more information than is offered in the local news paper. Thank you.

  3. As a fan of the skimm ( national), glad to have a blog that deals with local matters. Keep up the good work!

  4. Billy and Gordon,

    To call The Rant a blog just does not do it justice. It has grown into a part of the fabric of Lee County and is contributing to our community in many ways. It is a source of local political news, sometimes straight -up and sometimes with a dose of attitude, when it is more important than ever in our community and in our nation for citizens to be informed. Local business needs local support and your advertisers are making a wise choice of media. It is very ingenious in how it has come together. blending blogging and Facebook. The Rant itself is a great story.

  5. Enjoyed your program yesterday to Jonesboro Rotary! I did not know about you guys site. Thanks!
    Charles and Martha Oldham

  6. Gordon,
    Please give Martha and I a call (919-775-5031). We have a story you might be interested in about a relative who fought in the American Revolution and is buried on the banks of the Deep River at Carbonton.
    Charles and Martha Oldham

  7. Please feel free to “rant” about Southern Lee’s basketball team. They just advanced to the Elite 8 of the State playoffs.

  8. Thank you for the feature on my book on J.D. McDuffie! One correction I have to make though – while I have my law degree, I am not an attorney. I presently register patients in the emergency room.

  9. There is one gas station on the east side of Horner Blvd. and it’s located on the north side of US 1 Next to where the old ABC store was.

    1. Hi Tim

      Thanx 4 the reply.
      Yeah, it’s a Circle K(was Kangaroo, was Pantry), but like you said, it’s North of US1(technically, it’s WEST of US1, but I get what you mean). My comment stands, not one gas station on the east side of Horner between US1 and Harnett County. I dunno, seems peculiar to me.

      1. According to Google Maps Horner Boulevard is US 421 business and stops at Wilkins drive. It then changes to Boone Trail Road and moves into Chatham County as you cross Deep River – Not Harnett County.

  10. There was a high speed chase last night on 87 involving 2 motorcyclesand about 8 police vehicles.

  11. Love to read the articles you cover. Would like to see your take on the development being pushed in the Deep River area at Colon Rd. There is so much going on that is not being made public.

  12. Could someone please give me a call or email me. There is so much going on with the SHA-NC that needs to be revealed to the general public that does not subscribe to the Herald.

  13. Hey Billy and Gordon, I appreciate getting the Rant by email and you do a great job. I am the chair of the Community Engagement Committee of S3, a task to prevent those experiencing homelessness from being a long term problem. My committee would like to do a podcast on resources for eviction, resources for those who work with homeless, or on the Point in Time Count January 27, where citizens from the community go out and find the homeless and ask how we can help them. Would you be interested in collaborating with us? Cindy Hall 919-935-9028, cindyhall@fbcsanford.com

  14. Thank you so much for the news and information you provide to the citizens of Lee County and surrounding areas. I would very much like the opportunity to talk with you about the Guardian ad Litem Program. The GAL Program trains child advocates to be the voice for children in our community. Partnered with an attorney advocate and supported by GAL staff, these child advocates champion the interests of the child in court, ensuring a safe permanent home is established for the child as soon as possible. There are some stellar members of the Lee County community serving in this role, and I would love the opportunity to champion them, as well as invite others to join them in their advocacy! More information is available at our website, volunteerforgal.org, where interested individuals can also submit their application. I hope we can catch up soon!

  15. I’d like to see a story about the Stevens Center as it is a gem in our community.

  16. Hewitt E Collar
    July 29, 2021
    I wanted to draw attention to an aspect of the history of Sanford. Jerry Gibson and her niece, Deborah Workman, long time residents of Sanford, have been attending conventions of Jehovah Witnesses starting here in Sanford as early as the 1960’s, using the Armory and local high school’s auditoriums. Since the mid 70’s it has been necessary to move on to larger venues and up until 2019 we used the PNC arena in Raleigh. We have become the largest convention organization in the world, over 20 million people will attend with us this year.
    The theme this year for our convention is: “UNITED IN FAITH WORLDWIDE!” This will be a virtual program presented in 240 lands, 500+ Languages. The program will be presented on our website: http://WWW.JW.ORG, from July 31 until August 22. You can access it anytime of day as it is being constantly streamed. Everything is free.
    This is all being presented virtually out of love for people and the sanctity of life.

  17. Why have you not reported anything about the road rage shooting of a 20 year girl, two weekends ago? It was around February 27. Do you have a serial shooter? Or has the crime rate increased? People have a right to know. There is a story about a recent shooting but nothing about that one. The victims first name is Elyria

  18. Question! I saw on FB where THEY will be putting 3 round abouts at the hospital. Can you tell me where they propose to put them. I can see putting one where the stoplight is but can’t see where the other two would go?

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