Sanford, North Carolina

Advertise with The Rant


We want to work with you!

All of us at the Rant used to work at local newspapers, but we recognize the future of our industry is online. We started this site as a passion project, but it’s really taken off.

Since we launched the site in 2014, we’ve seen an explosion in popularity. In 2017, we hit nearly half a million page views, and we’re on track to go higher in 2018. We currently average more than 42,000 page views each month.

Advertising with us is very affordable. For just $50 per month, you get an ad on our home page as well as in every story we write. If you’re interested in a longer-term agreement, we’re willing to work with you to develop and publish “advertorial content” stories that promote your business.

We’re flexible and can definitely work with you to figure out a plan that suits your needs. Email us to discuss your options.


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