News out of North Carolina

“Veterans ballot” endorses non-veterans over veterans

A sample ballot circulating at early vote sites identifies which candidates are military veterans (or first responders, in one case) but only endorses them if they are Republicans. A yellow … Continue reading

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Satan announces local issue advocacy campaign

Someone in Lee County claiming to have explicit knowledge of divine matters has apparently begun an issue advocacy campaign on behalf of Satan, the Prince of Darkness. That’s the takeaway … Continue reading

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Herald editorial defends Trump’s ‘locker room talk;’ we respond with SBTB gifs

Donald Trump has yet to earn a single endorsement from a daily newspaper in the United States — which is quite remarkable. That isn’t stopping The Sanford Herald — which … Continue reading

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Report: Housing Authority allowed substandard living conditions

Under its former executive director, the Sanford Housing Authority failed to perform adequate inspections at dozens of privately owned homes for which landlords received Section 8 housing vouchers, leading to … Continue reading

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Trump campaign has Sanford’s civic center reserved next week

The campaign for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has reportedly reserved the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center in Sanford for an event either Monday or Tuesday, sources confirmed with The Rant … Continue reading

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Yes, a BigFoot Festival is really happening in Sanford

Despite the fact that modern science has yet to provide definitive proof of the existence of BigFoot, 99% of us are pretty damned sure he exists. Spirits O’Sanford — a group … Continue reading

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Al Franken coming to Sanford Saturday

North Carolina being the battleground state that it is, expect big names to come through here in the next two months. The first to hit Sanford will be U.S. Sen. … Continue reading

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