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Oh, Mike …


Answer? Yes

Here’s a little light reading on the subject for Lee and Harnett county’s state representative … Union of Concerned Scientists, TIME, New York Times … three articles that explain clearly that what’s happening on the east coast of one country in one part of the world doesn’t define what’s happening all over the world.

We get Mr. Stone’s merely “making a funny” here (hence, the laughing out loud) … but it’s still a pretty ridiculous argument and one far too many people are trying to make.

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2 comments on “Oh, Mike …

  1. jcalendine
    February 13, 2014

    NASA even claims ( that 97% of all climate scientists accept the evidence for climate change. If one flipping snowstorm (or, even all of them) was somehow damaging to the theory, I guarantee there would not be such compelling consensus.

    Mike Stone doesn’t know what climate change is. He only knows what conservative talk media tells him it is. This kind of anti-scientific thinking is prevalent in the NCGA, and it’s part of why so many bad laws have been proposed and passed. It is well past time for a change – not climate, but political.

  2. Dawg
    February 13, 2014

    There is an alternative.

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