Most political candidates spend time poring over fonts and colors in order to find the perfect road sign.

James Clark, the Democratic candidate for District 12 of North Carolina’s State Senate, chose to go for confusion, shock value and hard-to-read print on his signs instead. Clark, who ran unsuccessfully in the Democratic primary against Brad Salmon for the same seat in 2012, has several different signs peppered throughout Harnett County this year — some with President Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr., and others with “Clark vs. Langley” written on it (that’s right … he’s including his opponent’s name on some signs).

The biggest head-scratcher may be the sign pictured. The wording under Clark’s “Elect Clark” headline reads, “Protect Our Women & Our Children,” and the photo is of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen killed in 2012 by George Zimmerman, who was later found not guilty of second-degree murder. Under Martin’s picture, it reads, “Trayvon Martin says when a black man is free — Heaven will find something it lost sometime ago.”

Clark faces Joe Langley in the Democratic primary this spring for the chance to contest Republican Ron Rabin in the fall. Clark received nearly 5,500 votes in the 2012 primary, losing out to Salmon’s 8,300-plus.