A tip for all of you 23-year-olds considering a run for public office — clean up your Facebook page.

And when you think you’ve gotten rid of everything damning, go back and clean it up again.

Huff's South secession post includes a map of "Dixie"
Huff’s South secession post includes a map of “Dixie”

Dalton Huff, a recent college graduate from Oxford, is one of three Democrats seeking the party’s nomination for the state House of Representatives District 2 seat (which represents Person and Granville counties). As of Monday, his personal Facebook page is still home to an essay written in 2010 that calls for the south to secede from the United States, claiming that “listless Negros” were manipulated in the years following the Civil War by “Yankee carpetbaggers” and that the 1960s-era civil rights movement was actually “the cleverly disguised black power movement.” He also calls Abraham Lincoln a “stooge,” and refers to the former president and generals Grant and Sherman as “tyrants” and “despoilers.”


Huff once listed his occupation as “Head N—- in Charge” on his Facebook page.

Huff DID remove some other controversial material from his Facebook page prior to his bid for office, but the Rant has obtained screen shots showing his profession was listed as “Head (N-word) In Charge” and photos of him admiring a birthday cake shaped like a pair of female breasts.

Huff did not respond to an email from The Rant asking for comments on his controversial views. A campaign video (below) on YouTube makes no mention of racial politics either.

— by Jay Calendine