Less than a year after it opened, The Red Sofa Bistro and Bar in downtown Sanford has closed its doors.

Owners Brandon and Dana Atkins announced on Facebook today they were closing the business they opened last June. “It was a great experience,” Brandon Atkins wrote, “but the main reason was that it simply took too much time away from ‘family time.’ It is a great location and is frankly a beautiful and special place inside.”

Atkins said the short-term plan will be to sell the business or rent the space out “as it is.” The building located at 120 S. Steele Street was listed as for sale on Craigslist back on April 21.

Red Sofa is the second restaurant/bar to close at the location in the past few years. The Steele Street Wine and Coffee Bar had a two-year run before closing in 2012.

It may not stay closed for long. Back in January, it was mentioned that “a brewery from Pittsboro” was eyeing locations in downtown Sanford.