Details in the murder of a thrift store owner in Sanford continued to emerge via social media Friday night and Saturday morning, with various people claiming connections to the victim, the man accused of stabbing her, and his brother – who appears to have told police about the crime and was subsequently accused of being an accessory to the murder – making posts on the Sanford Herald’s Facebook page about the situation.

imageCarol Chacon, 54, was stabbed to death Tuesday night. Wednesday night, police accused Sam Watson of being an accessory in her death. Christopher Watson was arrested in the early morning hours immediately following.

Sam Watson has since been released on bail; his attorney has said he is innocent of destroying evidence and helping his brother escape. Christopher Watson remains in the Lee County Jail without bond. He is charged with first-degree murder.

Friday evening, the Rant published details indicating that Sam Watson may have approached police with the knowledge that his brother killed Chacon and was subsequently accused to being involved after the fact. Over night, more details came from commenters on the Herald’s Facebook site who claimed connection to Sam Watson, Christopher Watson, and Carol Chacon.

Facebook user Dawn Henderson wrote that she knows both Chacon and Christopher Watson, and provides perhaps the most leveled assessment to date in a string of comments that have largely called for vengeance against both brothers.

“I have known Carol since our family moved here in 2000,” Henderson wrote. “She was a lovely, lovely Christian woman who deeply believed that all people deserve a second chance, an opportunity to make amends for the wrongs they had committed. I have enjoyed our numerous conversations over the years and am deeply saddened that someone as kind and generous as she has been taken, especially in this manner. The world needs more people like Carol, to make it a better place in which to live. I also happen to work with Chris. Although we work in different departments, I met him the day he applied at our company – which also believes in giving ex-convicts second chances.

“Over the last couple of months I have had several conversations with him and even attempted to try and find him a home to rent. Had you asked me a week ago if I believed he was capable of this, my answer would have been no. There was no one more shocked than I when numerous police officers showed up at our work to arrest him. He ran, hid in the woods, then hours later was spotted coming back out. The police again converged, along with a helicopter, and he was arrested at a convenience store down the road. There is not a single person that worked with him that day that had any idea ANYTHING was wrong, which makes this all the more difficult to understand for many of us.

“I, myself, saw him when he arrived at work Weds morning and there was not a single indicator in his behavior of what he had done the night before, which troubles me deeply. At first, I, too, was infuriated when I found out he had murdered Carol. I was sickened. Then after my anger ran its course, I realized this: there are many, many victims of this horrendous act. The brother, Sam, being crucified in the media… It is no coincidence that the police were at my work in only a couple of hours after Carol’s murder was discovered. I believe, in my gut, that the information on where Chris would have been at that time came from his brother.

“Chris has a wife and a child, a child that will not only not have a father now growing up, but will one day learn that his father committed the worst act any person can commit: the taking of someone else’s life. Chris has family who are sitting back asking themselves, why? while at the same time they are facing, unfairly, censure for the actions of Chris – something they had no control over and I am sure would go back in time and change if they could. There is Carol’s family, for whom my heart breaks, that are mourning her loss and raging at the senseless act that caused her death. There are the people that would truly benefit from the second chance she offered, so willingly, out of her abiding faith. There is our community, in which so many have benefited by providing a way to contribute to those in need and for those in need to have those needs met. The list goes on, and on, an on.

“While justice needs to be served, certainly, I think that we need to honor Carol’s enduring compassion that touched the lives of so many. Justice will be served. But in the meantime, I think we would all be wise to do as Carol would have if she were still here: embrace all the victims and act with compassion.”

Another poster identifies himself as Chacon’s nephew, and provides a further glimpse into the woman whose life was taken, as well as a photograph of her:

“Carol was a warm, soft-spoken woman who had so much love and generosity to offer to the community. I think it is important that we not focus on the horrendous manner in the way her life ended but instead celebrate the life she had and the virtues she embodied,” wrote Justin Haire. “Although our hearts have been broken by this tragedy, we are trying to follow Carol’s example and not become embittered. Just knowing the type of person she was, I don’t think she would want this played out in the court of public opinion. However, make no mistake, our family wants justice to be served, but we want a fair trial so that the party responsible can be held fully accountable for her death. I implore those who feel as outraged as my family does to not let those feelings of disdain form a mob mentality, but instead focus that energy into remembering the type of person she was and how she embodied the true meaning of being a Christian.”

Joshua Watson identifies himself as the brother of both Sam and Christopher Watson and repeats the assertion that Sam Watson was not a part of the crime, and was indeed the person who alerted police to the murder:

“THE POLICE WOULD NOT FOUND THE WOMAN HAD SAMMY NOT TURNED CHRISTOPHER IN. This is a fact,” he wrote. “Sammy should not have been charged and should not have to go through what him and his family has been put through. He is in trouble because his brother committed a crime and Sammy was the only sibling in driving range for Chris after the crime? They say Sammy ‘helped Chris escape’ this is outrageous. How can you be held in jail and charged for helping someone escape WHEN CHRIS WAS FOUND IN THE SAME CITY HE COMMITTED THE CRIME IN, WELL WITHIN 24 HOURS OF SAMMY NOTIFYING THE POLICE AND WHEN SAMMY IS THE ONLY REASON THE POLICE WERE INFORMED OF WHAT HAPPENED. I deeply regret the actions of my brother Christopher, and cannot speak for him. Our family is truly sorry for the family of the victim and we in no way condone his actions.”

Finally, a woman identifying herself as the wife of Christopher Watson commented that she is heartbroken and confused over what occurred:

“I so badly want to defend my husband, I saw the good in him, he was a great father to our son and a good husband. I love him so much but this has left me so confused, sad, and angry,” writes Susan Marie Rowell. “This was never anything I believed the man I married would ever be capable of. I can’t imagine how Carol’s family feels, and I am so sorry for your loss. My heart is so broken for myself, that I loose sight of the fact that Carol lost her life. I am praying for her family to find peace and I pray that my husband’s family and myself find peace too. I’m so sorry.”