The new biggest political debate in our country involves the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Taliban captivity.

charlie_daniels1Gawker posted an article Tuesday pointing out that a number of the vocal conservatives ripping President Obama and the U.S. government for risking the lives of U.S. military men and women and negotiating for an alleged traitor are the same conservatives who ripped Obama a few years back for not doing enough to get Bergdahl home.

One of those flip-floppers was Gulf, N.C. native Charlie Daniels. Two years ago, Daniels (or Daniels’ people … you never really know) tweeted, “Obama its (sic) time to bring Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl home he’s been a Taliban prisoner for 4 years. Rescue him, it’s more important than rescuing GM.”

This week, Daniels had a different view: “Obama can trade five of the most dangerous men in teh world for a soldier who may be a deserter and can’t even make a call to save a hero.”


The Gawker article had many more examples. As Gawker explains, there are legitimate questions being raised about the release and the circumstances around Bergdahl’s initial disappearance. The article continues:

“But rather than soberly let the military question-answering process run its course, conservatives who hate Obama as much as they love ‘Murka have tried to turn the Bergdahl rescue into a political shitfest, with POTUS as the sun in this poo-centric universe. Bergdahl is an Islamist sympathizer with blood on his hands who should be executed for treason! they argue. And Obama should be impeached for his role in the whole affair.”