Jason “Mayhem” Miller, a mixed martial arts fighter and former television host who was in the news this weekend thanks to a tense standoff with police near his home in Los Angeles, apparently attended high school in Sanford, according to social media activity.

Social media users over the weekend shared the story about the police standoff, commenting about their memories of Miller, calling him “strange” and even posting his class photo from Lee County High School’s 1999 yearbook.

10726641_10203245589409255_1436435160_n“He was strange in high school too,” one commenter wrote, later adding “I had art class with him in 11th grade and lunch too. He would break dance on cardboard boxes during lunch.”

Another commenter referred to Miller as “freaking BONKERS.”

According to Miller’s Ultimate Fighting Championship profile, he hails from “parts unknown.” His Wikipedia page, however, indicates that he was born in Fayetteville and “had to move 40 miles so that he could go to school into a new district” after being expelled from a Fayetteville school for fighting (take Wikipedia with a grain of salt, of course).

In addition to his fighting career, Miller was the host of MTV’s “Bully Beatdown” from 2009 to 2012. In the alleged “reality” show, Miller arranged for “bullies” to square off against professional fighters in exchange for the opportunity to earn money.

The weekend standoff in California apparently began when authorities attempted to arrest Miller on domestic violence warrants. He is reported to have live tweeted the standoff, which ended without injury when officers stormed his house.

Stories from the weekend indicate that Miller has had other brushes with the law over the past two years.

From Sanford to stardom. Some dreams do come true.