Nothing gets the Triangle area more pumped and insanely excited for better or worse like college basketball.

WRAL-TV issued this apology after asking a poll question on whether Roy Williams should be fired. You know, Roy Williams who just took his team to the Sweet 16 and has won two national championships.

Above is a screencap of the original poll question, which has since been removed.

All of this stemmed from a ridiculous attempt at trolling “story” by local radio personality Joe Ovies on WRAL’s sports site. Basically, Ovies cobbled together a bunch of tweets from insane rabid stupid UNC fans who think the coach with the highest winning percentage in college basketball history should be fired because his team lost to the second-best team in the tournament.

The whole thing is pretty stupid, but funny for everyone involved. Except maybe Roy Williams. Is it baseball season yet.

(Below) The apology and a few of the many comments it received …


The best comment was simply this picture. Pretty much sums it up: