Yeah, sorry about that. It seems our little Facebook post today announcing construction of a new Target in the Tramway area has gotten a little out of hand. Many people on Facebook saw it for what it was immediately — a nice little April Fools’ joke. Some of you, however, got pretty excited about it.

target-e1340084339678 (1)To be clear — Target is not coming to Tramway. At least not that we’re aware of.

The sign we posted is a photoshopped version of a sign in Alameda County, California. We thought the parched earth and adobe-looking homes would be a dead give-away (plus, for some reason the phone number we posted seems to trail off after a little tinkering with it). But we’re happy it worked — we’re having fun, aren’t we?

Aren’t we?

But now it’s time to kill it. After 40-plus shares, several likes and a bunch of name-calling, the joke has run its course. It’s not our first April Fools foray … we announced a new newspaper last year. Some people still ask us about that … perhaps it’s wishful thinking?

So it Target, though. Sanford is definitely getting a new Ross, Marshall’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and more, but for now … no Target. And no Starbucks.

But maybe we’ll announce that next year.