Photo by Sara Corce of The Pilot in Southern Pines

The Pilot in Southern Pines reported this morning that “KKK” graffiti was painted over multiple bridges in Moore County along U.S. 1 near Cameron and Vass overnight and reported by several motorists this morning.

One bridge featured a red “KKK” painted next to a backwards (literally and figuratively) “White Lives” message, with “white” missing the all-important “E.” The messaging on other bridges is much worse (CLICK HERE: Warning, language is very offensive).

According to the Pilot, DOT crews were covering up the graffiti today, and the Moore County Sheriff’s Office was looking into the vandalism. The DOT also told the Pilot several road signs in that area were vandalized and have been removed.

WWGP’s Margaret Murchison weighed in on the news this morning … and we enjoyed it.