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When South Dakota’s Badlands National Park went rogue this week in response to the Trump administration’s temporary ban of the U.S. National Parks Service’s social media accounts for retweeting images comparing crowd size at Trump and Obama’s inauguration ceremonies, it started a trend.

More official accounts and accounts loosely associated with the country’s national parks are filling their feeds with tweets about climate change, scientific reasoning and other topics defiant of Trump, such as his proposed Muslim ban.

An account affiliated with North Carolina’s one national park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, (@GSMNationalParkinfo) joined the rebellion today. Already the account, which has nearly 30,000 followers, has posted more than a dozen tweets and retweets in the last eight hours about the “real threat climate change has on our national parks.” A few examples:

The account does not claim to be the official Twitter account of the park — that distinction belongs to @GreatSmokyNPS, which has not joined the fray as of this post. The now rogue site does have nearly 5,000 more followers than its “official” cousin.

If you wish to join in the fun, use #climatechange on social media and spread your favorite non-alternative fact.