Fans of donuts, rejoice.

Duck Donuts — the Outer Banks-based make-your-donuts-in-front-of-you company with franchises in 10 states along the East Coast — will have a location in Sanford in the somewhat-near future. The news was announced at Thursday morning’s A.M. Buzz event sponsored by the Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce and shared via several social media outlets.

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-11-11-amCurrently, the closest Duck Donuts can be found in Cary or Fayetteville. At those locations, customers fill out their orders on a card, checking the flavor of icing and which topping(s) they want on each donut. Rather than have us try to describe them to the uninitiated, a franchise owner in Pittsburgh recently shared the process with

“They’re a little crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, made fresh right in front of you, hand-dipped in hot icing and sprinkled with delicious toppings. The dough doesn’t even hit the fryer until the order is placed and they’re completely customizable with endless possibilities. Customers love seeing the donut making process right before their eyes.” Customers first select a “coating” like cinnamon, glazed or vanilla icing, then add topping and drizzle choices if desired.

Beaver Creek Foods in Fayetteville did not provide potential location, opening date or any other information on the potential Sanford location.