Downtown Sanford’s now home to two new features, and which one excites you more will depend greatly on your lifestyle.

Horner Square — the parking lot behind Stanley’s in downtown, between Wicker and Carthage streets — is now home to two electronic vehicle charging stations. The spot is now the sixth EV charging station in Lee County, according to, but the first that’s not part of a business (at El Molcajete, you must be a customer to use it) or local car dealership.

The Horner Square location has two 120-volt wall outlets and a J1772 EV Plug (we assume you know what this means if you’re interested). PlugShare gives the location a rating of 8.0 (on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best).

It’s also free to the public. So there’s that!

There’s another new station in Downtown Sanford — three of them, actually — for dog walkers and fans of not stepping in poo. The city has added three new stations providing a trash can and baggies to pick up the leavings of your dog or any other critter you deem walkable. Two of them are located in and around Depot Park, and the other is near the Cole Street Parking lot (across from the Salvation Army).