Drone videography is still new enough that there’s a “coolness” factor to it. And Sanford’s Will Harris is building a very cool library of aerial shots of Sanford and other areas of the state.

Most recently, Harris shot footage of last Thursday’s “Function at the Junction” free concert series in downtown’s Depot Park. Prior to that, he released some nice video of the Camelback Bridge, located in northern Lee County near the Cumnock area.

Harris, the vice president of Harris & Company Insurance, said he originally bought the drone and camera for both business and pleasure — the drone was used to inspect roofs and other properties for insurance purposes. “But I also knew I’d have some personal fun with it as well,” he said. “After posting some of the photos and videos, I received a few requests from others wanting the same thing. Of course, I try to say yes when I can, because I’m always looking for reasons to fly the drone.”

Check out some of his footage below.