At least two local landmarks will benefit significantly from the state budget compromise now working its way through the General Assembly.

The budget includes additional funding for the Raleigh Executive JetPort in Sanford and funds for improvements for the N.C. Veterans Memorial in Broadway.

862_fullThe budget sets aside $250,000 for the construction of public facilities (bathrooms, maybe?) at the N.C. Veterans Memorial in Broadway. And the jetport will receive $4 million to fund capital improvements as part of aviation investments in the House’s budget.

N.C. Rep. John Sauls (R-Lee) posted on Facebook that he had secured the funding at the Jetport for a new terminal.

The budget compromise will sail through both the House and Senate this week and be sent to Gov. Roy Cooper for signature. He will likely veto it because politics, then the General Assembly will override his veto, because politics.