UPDATE: 12:30 p.m. — Elizabeth reports that a temporary owner has been found for the pup, and she will be in a new home tonight. 

A downtown business owner found a crying puppy in the dumpster behind her business Friday morning, and now she’s searching for someone who can care for it.

Elizabeth Kelly Smith, owner of Smith Group Realty in Downtown Sanford, said she heard the cries and barks of the young lab mix (breed not confirmed) around 10 a.m. Friday. Smith rescued the dog and less than an hour later, posted photos and a plea on Facebook asking if anyone could take the dog in.

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The post has generated a lot of interest, but no official takers yet.

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“Someone is talking about taking her, but no one has committed yet,” said Smith, who added that she has not yet contacted police about the dog. Similar cases nationwide have led to arrests for animal cruelty.

Smith said the dog is hanging around at her office (and happy to be out of a dumpster, according to the photos) for now. “We’re praying she hangs around until we find her a new home.”

Anyone who wants to assist in finding the dog a home can contact Smith Realty Group at (919) 718-9027. The Rant will post an update when one is provided.