Black, left, oversees a roof installation

Chris Black is interested in the roof over your head.

A Sanford native, Black might be best known for his job with the North Carolina Highway Patrol, where he earned the D.R. Bowick Trooper of the Year award in 2016.

But when he’s not on the road, he’s on the roof. Black has owned San-Lee Roofing and Construction since 2013, and he’s been involved in the business for close to 20 years. Today, he estimates that he installs between 100 and 150 roofs each year.

And as the seasons change — school starts in Lee County in less than three weeks, and fall will be here in just about six — your roof will have some different needs.

“There are several things you’ll want to do to be sure your roof is ready for the fall and the winter,” Black said. “But if you do these things, you’ll get a lot more years out of your roof and you be less likely to run into a situation where you need to do an expensive emergency repair.”

First, Black said, go into fall with clean gutters.

“Clogged up gutters can cause all kinds of problems because the water doesn’t drain off your roof correctly,” he said, noting that the cost of gutter cleaning once per year – roughly $150 to $200, depending on the size and height of your roof – is far less expensive than repairs or replacement.

Second, when you’re having your gutters cleaned, take the time to have a professional give it an examination.

“While you’ve got someone up there cleaning, it pays to have them take a look at the shape your roof is in,” he said. “Even if you’re five or ten years away from needing a new roof, knowing that will help you plan and be ready when the time does come.”

Third, examine your property for threats to your roof. If you can, trim back any trees which might drop excess leaves.

“You won’t have as many leaves falling on your roof to clean up later, and you remove the risk of a heavy limb falling and doing damage,” he said.

To schedule a free consultation, contact Black and San-Lee Roofing and Construction at (919) 842-2608.