If you want to see Sanford as the subject of a multi-part, web-based reality series focused on reshaping  and restoring small towns in the United States, take a minute and nominate us to be the subject of Small Business Revolution.

Downtown Sanford Inc. took to Facebook Thursday morning asking for people to nominate Sanford to be the subject of the show’s third season:

The show’s first two seasons, both produced this year, have focused on Wabash, Indiana (population 10,666) and Bristol, Pennsylvania (population 9,726). To date, there have been eight or nine episodes per season, each focusing on a different small business which serves the town. In the process, the show’s hosts — Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec and Amanda Brinkman, chief brand officer of the small business service company which sponsors the show, Deluxe — sink $500,000 into revitalization efforts across the city in question.

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There are any number of reasons Sanford would be a good fit for the show. While our downtown has undergone an undeniable renaissance in recent years — from the bond-funded streetscape project and an influx of new businesses to the revitalization of old buildings and a new focus on public art — there are a still a number of properties which need a positive transformation, and an injection of a half million private dollars would certainly help. Further, how cool would it be to see your favorite local businesses featured in a series like this?

The nominating period is open until Oct. 19. It only takes a few minutes, and who knows? Your nomination could put Sanford over the top. Again, the link to make a nomination is here.

To get a sense of the show, which in addition to YouTube is also available to stream on Hulu, watch the first episode below: