The century-old Lutterloh Building in Downtown Sanford has been many things — a doctor’s office, a bank, a pharmacy and even a hotel. In the coming years, the mostly forgotten brick structure where Chatham, Wicker and McIver streets meet will see new life as a place where retail and residential coexist.

Friday, the community got one last look at “the way it was” during a “pre-construction open house” hosted by April Montgomery, who recently purchased The Lutterloh from Progressive Development Company with the building’s renaissance in mind. Guests on Friday got to see the building in its current state — peeling walls and all — next to renderings of what the finished retail space and apartments will look like in the coming years. Long term plans include moving Montgomery’s renewable energy and preservation consulting firm to the first floor of the revitalized building, alongside other retail stores. The second floor will house six apartments.

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Montgomery told The Rant back in April that recent projects in Downtown Sanford — such as the streetscape project and the Buggy Building, also on Chatham Street — played a role in her family’s decision to move forward with the property (husband David Montgomery is a senior planner for the City of Sanford and former director of Downtown Sanford Inc).

“We’re finally seeing a lot of things happen with downtown that have been in the works for a long time,” April said. “And private investment follows public investment. People want to see a community that’s willing to invest in itself.”

Photos from Friday’s Open House, plus historic photos and renderings of what The Lutterloh will look like after construction: