Anthony M. Pisano (source: LinkedIn)
An Alaska man in custody in Anchorage on charges of murdering three people lived in Sanford for a lengthy period while he was stationed at Fort Bragg, the Rant has learned.

Anthony Pisano of Anchorage faces three counts of first-degree murder and multiple other charges after authorities said he killed three people following an argument of some kind at a precious metals shop there.

Public records indicate that Pisano owned a property in the Carolina Trace subdivision from 2005 to 2010, and later showed him at an address in west Sanford. Pisano’s LinkedIn profile doesn’t mention Sanford, but indicates he served in the U.S. Army – at Fort Bragg for at least part of his career, according to the Alaska Dispatch News – from 1997 until earlier this year. The LinkedIn page also shows him as the owner of an Anchorage-based firearms instruction and tactical services business since 2015. It’s unclear how long he’s been in Alaska.

In any case, the details of the crime as reported by the Dispatch News are sobering — Pisano is alleged to have started a fight with one of the business’s owners, whom he then shot. When two friends attempted to come to his aid from the upstairs portion of the building, Pisano is alleged to have then shot and killed them as well.

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From the Dispatch News‘s reporting:


A witness said he was talking with Cook when Pisano “pushed him aside and started to fight with (Cook)” in the shop, the documents show, based on an affidavit by Anchorage Detective David Cordie.

The witness wrestled the gun from Pisano, ran out of the business with it, and called 911. The witness said that when he left the shop, Cook had a handgun holstered to his body, according to the documents.

When police arrived, they found an empty holster on Cook’s hip but did not find Cook’s gun. The witness assumed Pisano grabbed Cook’s gun and used it to continue the shooting, the documents say.

Morgan McCreadie, 26, said his family helps manage the building and he was staying in an upstairs apartment while remodeling it. He was visiting his brother, Daniel, in his downstairs apartment, when they heard several shots.

Daniel ran to the door with a handgun and told Morgan to grab one from the upstairs apartment, Morgan said in an interview Wednesday.

When Morgan McCreadie returned with the handgun about 30 seconds later, the three men had been shot.


Pisano has entered a plea of not guilty, according to the Dispatch News, and his trial is scheduled for December.