Those waiting for Sanford and Lee County to join the 21st century’s so-called “sharing economy” can finally exhale. Multiple reports have surfaced of both Uber and Lyft, the mobile app-based ride sharing services available to travelers in many larger communities, have apparently arrived in Sanford.

One Uber driver posted December 22 on the concisely-named and completely reasonable, no-concern-at-all-for-humanity’s-future political discussion Facebook group North Carolina Truth Seekers/Formerly Lee County Truth Seekers that he was “Uber-ing around Sanford” and interested in seeing if there was “any money to be made.”

The next day, a faithful Rant reader alerted us that he’d used the local Lyft service to great satisfaction, providing us with a screenshot as proof of his engagement in the act of e-commerce and safe travels:

Uber doesn’t yet list Sanford as an individual service area, and its RDU service area stops north and east of Chatham County while its Fayetteville service area stops south of the Lee-Harnett county line. Lyft’s Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill service areas appear to include all of Sanford and Lee County. Depending on whether either service has more than one Sanford-based driver, availability may remain limited until more drivers sign up.

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Uber and Lyft have emerged in recent years as competitors to traditional taxi services. They have been both popular and controversial in larger cities, with many users praising the companies’ ease of use and critics pointing to a number of factors including unannounced price increases, damage to the traditional taxi cab industry, and more.

In any case, if you’ve had experience with Uber or Lyft locally, leave us your feedback in the comments here or on Facebook.