The Voice has entered Phase II of its 14th season, the Battles.

Tonight, tomorrow night and Monday and Tuesday of next week will feature head-to-head sing-offs from those who survived the blind auditions in the show’s first three weeks.

We don’t know exactly when Sanford’s own Britton Buchanan will go to battle — it could be tonight, as he’s listed as “Battle 2” on Team Alicia on a website that knows way more about this stuff than we do — or it could be another day.

What we do know is this — Buchanan will face off against Jaclyn Lovey in the ring. The 16-year-old vocalist from Placerville, California (initially known as Dry Diggins in 1848 during the Gold Rush … true story) sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley during her blind audition.

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Unlike before Buchanan’s first appearance, when he kicked off the season with “Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne, nothing has leaked about his performance this time around before airtime. There are “spoiler boards” though — located deep within the internet in dark corners few rarely navigate — that have Buchanan winning. There’s also speculation that he’s a “favorite” of coach Alicia Keys.

But who knows. It’s the Internet.

In the meantime, keep cheering on the Sanford kid. We’ll have a recap when his performance airs.