Maybe it’s too early to state this. There’s still two more weeks before the Final Four face off on The Voice (the show loses two of its Top 10 tomorrow night).

But we have the courage to say it now.

Britton Buchanan can win this whole thing.

It’s something we hinted at back at the beginning of Season 14, when Britton wore less cool clothing and kicked things off with “Trouble,” leading to the show’s first use of the “block.” But we were being homers then … who really knew what the 18-year-old Lee County High School senior was up against? Who would have guessed he’d become among the top vote-getters week after week after week? Among the top social media mentions every Monday night? Killing it on iTunes?

“I’ve been playing it safe up to now. If people dig this, then great. I dig it, too.” — Britton Buchanan

Britton took on Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” tonight, “stripping away the 80s sheen,” as he put it, and adding his trademark growl, a short guitar solo and a ton of fog to a performance that should easily move him on to next week’s Top 8 (“should” is the key word … the competition is getting better by the week).


Before his first close-up, though, Britton’s intro included a quick “hello” from girlfriend and former Team Alicia teammate Livia Faith (the show seems to be really into “shipping” them since last week), then a cut to Britton and Alicia along at a piano in Keys’ recording room. Britton compared his coach to Plato and Socrates and asked her what her personal process was to song writing.

He then revealed his song choice, something he called “a challenge.”

The audience, which included mom Shannon, approved (as did the internet … see below). The first coach to speak was Adam Levine, who brought up the block again, but admitted he’s rooting for Britton all the same.

“It would be petty and lame to not root for you,” Levine said. “I still believe in you the same way I did from the beginning. I’m just as proud of you for this moment and for all your moments. You’re special, you’re incredible, and I wish you the best.”

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Keys, pointing out Britton’s purple jacket, red guitar and overall vibe, told him he was “swagging so hard right now.”

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Keys said. “Your swag is on 30 million. I love it. If America can join me in recognizing the exponential growth you’ve had in mere weeks … you’re 18 years old. Two years from now, it will be mind blowing. You’re so spectacular. You smashed that.”

Other thoughts

  • I’ve watched American Idol and The Voice in the past, but by no means am I a huge fan. I’ve been into The Voice this season because of the Sanford kid … but otherwise, I haven’t watched much since Season 3 or 4. That said, I haven’t watched American Idol in even longer … maybe since the days of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. But I did catch some Idol Sunday night … out of curiosity. It as Prince night (though, oddly, only a few songs were Prince songs?), and yes, this episode had the major flub on “Manic Monday.” Flub aside, the talent levels and performance quality between these two shows aren’t even close. The Voice isn’t perfect, but good lord … it’s a better watch, by a mile.
  • Former Voice judge Christina Aguilera made news this week by saying her former show is a bad show and is bad for music. It’s an interesting take … I will argue the “bad show” thing. It’s good TV. Now, is it bad for music? Until a Voice winner or performer goes on to huge things, I suppose that can be an argument. Adam Levine recently blamed record labels for mishandling Voice winners in the past. Here’s hoping, for Britton’s sake, they’ve figured things out going forward.

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