So … say in the moments after Britton Buchanan got three coaches to turn their chairs on the season premiere of The Voice back in February that we told you he’d be guaranteed a three-month run on the show that included a few No. 1 songs on iTunes, a duet with Ryan Adams, two performances with Alicia Keys, the chance to perform a freakin’ Bruce Springsteen song in front of millions (to the approval of the E Street Band), the opportunity to perform a song HE WROTE in front of millions and a guaranteed second-place finish on one of television’s most-watched network shows ….

… would you have taken it? The answer is hell yes.

Sanford’s own Britton Buchanan finished second in tonight’s finale of The Voice, with 15-year-old Brynn Cartelli taking the Season 14 title. And while second place might have taken the wind out of the sails of many in our fair burgh, there’s no shame in this result.

The sky is the limit for young Britton. A record deal is imminent. He has the backing of Alicia Keys (and Adam Levine). He has friends in high places in this industry. He’s loved.

This is not a sad night. It’s merely the end of an amazing run.

What’s exciting is what comes next.

Again, don’t feel sad with a No. 2 finish. Instead, look at the smile on Britton’s face as he performed with Ryan Adams tonight. Go back and watch “Good Lovin’” from Monday night — look at the sheer joy on his face. Go back and watch videos of the Sanford watch parties from the past three months — a community coming together to support a genuinely good kid who made it a point to honor his hometown in front of millions throughout this season.

The difference between a No. 1 and No. 2 finish on The Voice is this — our “Welcome to Sanford” signs will NOT include the words: “Hometown of The Voice winner Britton Buchanan.” Instead, one day, they will read: “Hometown of Britton Buchanan.”

In other words, he doesn’t need this title. The journey was a dream without it.

Good luck, Britton. We’re still behind you.

Editor’s Note: We’ll have a complete wrap-up this week … it’s late and it’s bedtime right now. 

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Ryan Adams Duet

Seriously, look at his smile in this video.

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