ANOTHER UPDATE: Britton added not just one, but two additional shows – one on Thursday, June 14, and another on Sunday, June 17. The new shows sold out too. Sorry. ☹️

UPDATE: We’re getting reports that Britton arrived at the Temple Theatre and told folks waiting in line for tickets that he was adding a third show on Sunday, June 17, and that those in line would have first dibs. We’ll provide details when we get them.

Well, that didn’t take long. Less than ten minutes, in fact.

As of 4:08 p.m. Friday – less than ten minutes after going on sale, and less than 24 hours after being announced – two Britton Buchanan concerts at Sanford’s Temple Theatre were gone.

The shows, set for June 15 and 16, will feature Buchanan performing in his hometown for the first time since his second place finish on NBC’s the Voice. The Temple Theatre seats 333 according to its website, meaning the 666 available tickets sold at a rate of more than 83 per minute.

There were also reports of a huge line at the Temple Theatre’s box office, and of its website crashing due to heavy traffic. Despite our headline, downtown didn’t explode, and there weren’t any riots in Europe. That we know of.

Anyway, big congrats to Britton, the Temple, and you, if you scored tickets.