Sanford City Councilman Charles Taylor, who was ticketed in March 2017 for passing a stopped school bus, pleaded to a reduced charge of reckless driving on Tuesday in Johnston County District Court, the Rant has learned.

Taylor was ticketed by the North Carolina Highway Patrol on March 7. A person answering the phone at the Johnston County Clerk of Court on Tuesday said Taylor pleaded to the reduced charge on Tuesday and paid a $50 fine and $190 in court costs. The case had been continued at least six times.

Failing to stop for a stopped school bus is a Class 1 misdemeanor, the second-highest category of misdemeanor in North Carolina. If he’d been found guilty, Taylor would have faced a minimum fine of $500 and 5 points on his driver’s license.

Taylor, a three term Republican, represents Sanford’s Ward on the city council. He was represented in court by Selma-based attorney Bob Denning.

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