Westfield Massacre, the Los Angeles-based heavy metal band featuring Sanford native Stephen Brewer on guitar, has released a single from its forthcoming second album.

Brewer’s family owns the Fairview Dairy Bar and the Flame Steakhouse in downtown Sanford. “Famine” debuted on Aug. 3 at number 86 on the iTunes heavy metal chart and has as of this writing more than 64,000 views on YouTube. You can watch the video below:

The band debuted in May of 2016, at the time with a different singer (the band is now fronted by Seann Nichols, who once sang for a revived version of 80s metal band Quiet Riot). Later that year, the band met its goal in a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production and recording of a second album.

The band’s website doesn’t appear to list a date for the full album release.

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