If 2017 was the year of the German Grocery Store Invasion for Sanford, then 2018 (or 19) is shaping up as the year of the car wash chain.

In April, we announced that Zips Car Wash was coming to South HornerBoulevard, bringing with it some very enthusiastic employees who, just … heck, man, love to make people happy.

Just down the street, between Smithfield Chicken N Bar-BQ and Marathon Gas sits a sign touting the future arrival of Sam’s XPress Car Wash, a Matthews, N.C.-based chain that currently has nearly 25 locations spread out through North Carolina and South Carolina.

So, what does Sam’s offer?

According to its website, a $6 XPress wash will get you an exterior wash, bug remover, clear-coat protectant and touch-free dry (you do the vacuuming yourself). For $9, you get all that, plus wheel cleaner, underbody wash and wheel blasters. For $13, add a tri-foam polish, heavy-duty wheel cleaner and tire shine and for the “top wash” at $17, you get everything plus a weather guard and a four-day rewash. You can also get unlimited top washes for $29.99 a month.

And for those of you who care about the environment and such, 90 percent of the water they use is recycled, and all chemicals are environmentally friendly. (We’re kidding, we know you love America … and car washes).

Up to now, Sanford’s car wash scene has involved a few do-it-yourself stations and a ton of individually owned car wash companies working out of old gas stations or other businesses. It will be interesting to see what these two new companies will do to those places.

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