A local deer took out his frustrations on Kimbrell’s Furniture in Downtown Sanford today when he rammed through the glass front facade of the store, made a mess of things for a short time, then busted out through another window pane before trotting out of sight.

Several people witnessed the hell-bent buck’s short rampage, including Chris Chisolm, who was downtown doing electric work for MasTec.

“We heard some noise — sounded kind of like a car wreck — then I looked over and saw the front window pane moving in and out,” Chisolm said. “Then it just jumped through, hit the sidewalk, ran toward the stoplight and jumped out of sight. It was wild. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The damage to Kimbrell’s storefront was considerable. As a parting gift, the flawed fawn left behind fur and blood and a chunk of his antler. Chisolm said the deer — aside from cuts and the antler — appeared to be OK as it ran to safety in search of more pre-Christmas deals.

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