The Rant — the Sanford-based news site loved by some and tolerated by others — announced Wednesday night that it is launching a free monthly print product that will appear in various businesses and other public locations beginning in April.

The publication will have a strong focus on longform journalism, op/ed pieces and columns, local business news, community calendar events and the same tongue-in-cheek (yet, factual) approach to news that readers of The Rant website have come to know over the past five years. The printed product — called The Rant Monthly — will be free to the public and supported by local advertisers.

The Rant is a product of LPH Media LLC, run by founders Gordon Anderson, Billy Liggett and Jonathan Owens, all former journalists with over 40 years of journalism and media experience combined. Brandon Allred, who has several years of experience in advertising for various print and online publications in Sanford and Raleigh, has been brought in to head advertising sales.

In addition to the new print product, The Rant will return to its radio roots with a monthly podcast that will go over each edition and likely branch off into tangents few would ever imagine. The first edition is expected to hit local news stands in early April.

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“We’ve spent the last few years telling stories that weren’t being told anywhere else,” said Anderson. “And this is an opportunity to do the same thing even better and on a bigger scale.”

“A lot of thought and careful consideration has gone into making this leap,” added Liggett. “From the format to the circulation to the size of the paper we’re printing on to the design to the overall tone … if we thought this wouldn’t succeed, we wouldn’t be doing it. Or maybe I’m bluffing. That’s for all of you to figure out.”

The Rant’s website,, will continue to publish timely and relevant news and will also become the free home to all stories that appear in print and will include a digital version of the publication for those who can’t stand the thought of touching news print.

The Rant made its announcement at a Trivia Night function hosted by Camelback Brewing Wednesday night. It was met with a smattering of applause, a cough and crickets.

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