With our first print edition coming on April 1, we’re opening up our editorial page to our readers. Got a Rant of your own? Send it to us at gordon@rantnc.com or billy@rantnc.com and your brief manifesto (known in old school newspaper parlance as a “letter to the editor”) may be published in our first edition.

Like every other aspect of our fledgling publication, we’re flying a little blind right now, so these guidelines are subject to change, but we’d like for you to try to limit what you say to 200 words, and keep in mind that we’re not gonna publish something from anyone we can’t verify. Make sure to include some contact information so we can make sure you are who you say you are.

Libel is of course off limits, but we’re not going to limit topics. Complaint about or praise for local government? Send it in. Area business you love that’s doing something cool or unique? Sounds great. Do you want to brag on your friend or absolutely HATE the Rant’s refreshing take on local news? Let us know!

Of course, we reserve the right to decide what to publish and to edit as we see fit for clarity and space considerations. But we’re casting a wide net, so don’t be shy. We’d like to hear from you by the close of business on Wednesday, March 27, so get cracking.

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