Broadway Our Way — the annual Town of Broadway street festival that would have celebrated its 10th year this month — has been canceled for 2019 as to not interfere with the Easter holiday weekend. The event would have been held on April 20.

The festival, which features live music, food and craft vendors, activities for children, classic cars and an annual barbecue cook-off; is held annually during the third weekend of April. According to Broadway Mayor Don Andrews, the last time the festival coincided with Easter was 2014, and that year proved to be a challenge for event organizers.

“Broadway Our Way is put on by a small group of dedicated local volunteers,” said Andrews. “And when we polled our group, we had several who were going to be out of town that weekend. Not only is it Easter weekend, but Lee County Schools are out April 15-20, meaning a lot of people will be gone.”

Andrews said moving the festival to another Saturday in April or May was an option, but was ultimately passed on for several reasons — to avoid clashing with other local festivals, to avoid scheduling conflicts with vendors who were committed to other events and because volunteer availability.

“Though not an easy decision, we felt that in light of all the factors, skipping 2019 was the best option,” Andrews said. “We hope to have a meeting later this year to talk about [next year’s] Broadway Our Way Festival.”

The festival will coincide with Easter again in 2022, 2025 and 2028.

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