Chas Post, a Sanford-based attorney and city councilman, has agreed to be shot with a taser if the community can raise $5,000 to benefit a nonprofit fighting opioid addiction.

Click here to make a pledge to the North Carolina Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (NCATOD). When pledges reach $5,000, Post will allow a deputy with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to shoot him with a taser for five seconds.

“The opioid crisis is one of the biggest issues facing our community. I see it every day and like everyone else who has seen the problem up close, I want to do something about it,” Post said. “That’s  why I helped lead the effort to create a city opioid task force, and that’s why I’m willing to be tased if we can raise $5,000 for NCATOD, an organization that does great work in our state with regards to the treatment of opioid addiction. And between my work in the courthouse and in government, I’m sure there are more than a few people who will pony up to see me get tased. Here’s your chance.”

Post, a graduate of Lee County High School, UNCW and the Charlotte School of Law, has worked with the Post, Foushee, and Patton law firm since 2011, where he focuses on driving while impaired and criminal defense cases, as well as personal injury, wrongful death and civil litigation. He’s served on the Sanford City Council since 2013.

The Rant’s own Gordon Anderson was tased in 2007 as part of a story for his then-job with the Sanford Herald. He said it was the worst pain he’d ever felt and that Post should definitely be scared.

The time, date and location of the tasing event – hereafter to be known as the Chas Post Opioid FundTaser – is to be determined, and The Rant is making plans to broadcast it live on Facebook. We’ll keep you apprised as details are worked out. Now get to donating.

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