We love this sort of thing here at the Rant.

A political campaign sign visible as of Wednesday morning at the intersection of North Horner Boulevard and Cross Street near downtown Sanford appears to advertise the candidacy for election to the Chatham County Board of Education of one David Hamm, a Pittsboro resident and registered Democrat.

What makes this odd, though, is that Sanford – historical details aside – is a part of Lee and not Chatham County. The sign in question is located a robust six miles from the nearest point navigable by road to Chatham County. Further, Hamm appears to have won his most recent bid for a seat on that county’s school board in 2016 by a more than healthy margin and shouldn’t be on the ballot again until next year (we are not ruling out some type of time travel-based malfeasance). There are no Lee County Board of Education races in 2019.

Finally, a web address listed on the sign leads to a page which indicates little more than “access is restricted.”

As we’ve done in the past, we offer an endorsement in spite both of this race having no bearing on Sanford or Lee County and also us being entirely out of our depth on the issues important to Chatham County’s electorate: Go David! Your sign has won Sanford’s hearts, and even though we can’t vote on your behalf, we are rooting for you nonetheless.

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