Luke Rhodes, a first grader at Tramway Elementary in Lee County, became the youngest player to record a hole in one at Pinehurst Resort’s 9-hole short course “The Cradle.” Luke scored the ace Oct. 9 on the course’s eighth hole.

Check out the write-up from Pinehurst Resort’s Alex Podlogar here:

With a mighty cut, Luke lofted the ball into the air. If it could just get over the front right bunker…

“I remember thinking, ‘That’s going to be pretty close,’” says Ray. “It got over the bunker and just rolled and rolled.”

And then…


Cale and Berdi looked up from their treachery. They didn’t see the shot. And they sure as heck didn’t see a ball.

Luke looked back at Ray.

And then jumped into Ray’s arms.

“I know, Luke!” Ray exclaimed. “A hole-in-one!”

Pinehurst also shared a video of the aftermath of Luke’s historic shot:

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