A Republican who filed for election to the Lee County Board of Education wrote social media posts in 2016 calling for illegal immigrants to be sentenced to “life hard labor,” The Rant has learned.

In a LinkedIn article titled “A Proposal for Immigration Reform!!!” Todd Ashley Miller wrote on July 23, 2016 that entry to the United States by any immigrant should be closed for 120 days “while we pass and process a new Immigration Reform laws (sic).”

“During these 120 days we give all ‘illegal immigrants’ that are in your nation an amnesty period to file the appropriate documents to remain in within our nation legally. Once this 120 day period has past (sic) we reopen our borders once again and enforce the following punishments for anyone found in our country illegally after that 120 day grace period,” Miller wrote, noting that first time offender would be deported and barred re-entry for five years, a second time offender would be sentenced to five years hard labor before deportation.

He called for a third time offender to be sentenced to “life hard labor” and wrote that such convicts could be made to mow grass along highways with handheld equipment.

“Instead of paying that 1 guy $65000 a year to mow the grass on the side of the highways, buying those expensive piece of mowing equipment and maintaining that equipment,” Miller wrote. “Lets (sic) pay that same man the same $65000 yearly to watch after these illegal immigrants as they mow the grass on the side of the highway by hand, using handheld equipment that cost (sic) a percentage of what we are spending now. There are many other task (sic) they can be trained to do and complete to better our nation as a whole, such as filling potholes, etc etc etc.”

There are penalties under federal law for entering the country illegally, including prison time. Life imprisonment is not a typical punishment.

Miller filed to seek a seat on the Lee County Board of Education on Friday. Two other Republicans, Sherry Womack and Sandra Bowen, have also filed. Four Democrats filed for the seats on Dec. 2.

Miller’s LinkedIn profile lists him as a candidate for the school board, and indicates he began his campaign in November. The page shows him to have served in the Army for nearly 7 years and to have founded a real estate investment firm in 2014.

Filing for seats in the 2020 election ends on Friday.

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