A Reidsville man is in custody at the Lee County Jail without bond after being arrested on charges of failing to obey a court order.

Joseph Wayne Hart Jr., 18, was taken into custody early Thursday by authorities in Reidsville after Lee County Superior Court Judge Winston Gilchrist issued an order for his arrest. According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Hart allegedly failed to show up and testify in the murder trial of Mark Patterson, which is currently under way in Sanford.

“He was supposed to be in court on Monday or Tuesday, and he didn’t show up,” Capt. Jeff Johnson told The Rant. “The (district attorney) had even talked to him on Monday, as far as I know. He got picked up in Reidsville this morning and we went and grabbed him.”

The trial has been going on since Monday. Patterson, 48, is accused of murder in connection with the 2018 shooting death of his neighbor and relative, Billy Carter.

Johnson said that Hart gave testimony after being brought to court Thursday, but remained in custody.

“The judge wasn’t very happy with him,” Johnson said.