“That got out fast.”

Host Kamie Crawford delivers The Rant’s new tagline in the second episode of the eighth season of “Catfish,” which aired Wednesday night on MTV. The episode followed the relationships of Alfred, his ex-boyfriend Antonnio and Adonis — the latter a supposed made-up online character who had been chatting with Alfred online for over a year.

No spoilers here — aside from a few views: Alfred and Antonnio seem like decent guys, “Catfish” is certainly an interesting show and The Rant played a big part in this episode.

The Rant’s role begins about 20 minutes into the episode, which has not been released online as of this article. Hosts Nev and Kamie come across the Facebook profile of a “suspect” who they think might be pretending (also known as “catfishing”) to be Adonis. The most recent post on the guy’s profile is a Sept. 24 Rant article titled, “Star of MTV’s ‘Catfish’ visits Sanford.”

“That got out fast,” Kamie says, and the two believe this guy could be “throwing shade” by posting the article. (Video below)

The Rant isn’t mentioned again (by name) in the episode, though the fact that the story “is all over Facebook” is referenced a few times. Kamie refers to us as “The Sanford Times” at one point, and the big reveal around the 45-minute mark is set up because the culprit has read our article online.

Does any of this make sense?

Just watch it for yourself — the video is currently unavailable on MTV, though a page has been created for this episode.

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