Source: Richard Hayes’ Facebook

Richard B. Hayes, a former chairman of the Lee County Board of Commissioners, died Tuesday night, The Rant has learned.

Hayes, a Democrat, served as the board’s chairman from his first election in 2008 until 2010, when a wave election swept Republicans into power and he was replaced as chair by Linda Shook. Shook died in May of 2019. Hayes did not seek re-election to the seat in 2012.

His two years leading the board were consequential, however, as he was involved in placing a referendum on the 2009 ballot which led to a quarter cent sales tax with proceeds funding long-needed renovations at Lee County High School. The same effort had failed the previous year. Hayes had also previously served on the Lee County Board of Education.

On a personal level, Hayes was known to love model trains, and donated his personal collection for auction to benefit Central Carolina Community College in 2016.

Funeral arrangements are pending.