Randy Todd, a GOP candidate for one of three seats on the Lee County Board of Commissioners, took to Facebook during Sunday’s Super Bowl to complain about the “Mexican burlesque” halftime show, writing that it should be done “in English next time” or else held in Mexico.

“I just watch (sic) the Super Bowl halftime and I thought I was watching a Mexican burlesque show maybe or do it in English next time or have the Dam (sic) bowl game in Mexico,” he wrote around 8:30 p.m. Sunday.

Todd, the owner of Todd’s Upholstery on Horner Boulevard in Sanford, was referring to a performance by singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, neither of whom is from Mexico. Lopez was born in New York to parents from Puerto Rico, and Shakira is a Colombian of Lebanese descent. Some have criticized the performance as “too sexy,” while others have commented positively on the variety of themes touched on in its nearly 15 minute run time.

The post is apparently only visible to Todd’s friends, but The Rant was made aware of its existence, and Todd on Tuesday confirmed he’d written it. He acknowledged learning after his post that neither singer is from Mexico and apologized for identifying them as such.

“I don’t keep up with J-Lo. It was all in Spanish, and I didn’t know the difference,” he said. “It was still burlesque. I’ve seen prostitutes on the street with more clothes on. I probably should have thought a little more about it. Maybe I should have said ‘a Spanish nation.’ But the brain goes to where we’re having the most trouble, and right now that’s Mexico.”

Todd offered an apology and said he was offended that the show amounted to “pornography.”

“If someone took it the wrong way, I’m sorry,” he said. “But I was very upset that I’d just watched pornography. They had a pole on the stage, for God’s sake.”

Todd continued that he’d be glad to receive votes from anyone of Hispanic descent, as long as they were eligible to vote.

“I appreciate people that have moved here legally, and I thank them for contributing to our community,” he said. “I would appreciate the vote of anyone of Spanish descent who are here legally.”

Todd is seeking one of three at large seats on the Board of Commissioners. Republicans Bill Carver and Sandra Jones, as well as Democrats Amy Dalrymple, Mark Lovick and Cameron Sharpe are also in the race.