Susan Farrington, a reporter who worked for The Sanford Herald from the 1980s until at least 2010, died on Sunday at 92 years old, according to an online obituary from Rogers Pickard Funeral Home.

Farrington, according to the obituary, moved to Sanford from New York City in 1986, and after teaching for a time “ultimately became a well-known reporter for The Sanford Herald.” Prior to that she worked in radio, sang opera in New York, and earned a master’s degree in education later in life. From the obit:

Her “Second Act” was no less impressive; after moving from New York to Sanford in 1986 with her husband, Palmer, she taught elementary school and ultimately became a well-known reporter for the Sanford Herald, interviewing residents of Lee County about their work, their passions, and their personal lives.

Through the Herald, Susan got to know interesting people all over town, and was well-loved by many. She enjoyed the theatre and the ballet, museums, and art exhibits, and was an avid reader who followed politics closely until her last weeks.

Some of Farrington’s Herald colleagues offered memories after learning of her passing on Tuesday.

“In a newsroom filled with highly opinionated young journalists, she stood out as an example of the less vulgar things in life. In a word? Classy,” said Tim Preston, a former Herald reporter who worked with Farrington in the 1990s and early 2000s.

“Damn, damn, damn. She was the definition of the word ‘lady,'” said Jerry Lankford, who is now editor at the Record of Wilkes and worked in Sanford with Farrington in the 1990s.

“Susan seemed to have the right words for everything, from the hundreds of stories she shared with the Sanford community to the words of advice she gave me personally, first as a young writer and later as a wife and mother. She was elegant and graceful, but she had a fiery side, too. Get her talking about politics, and you were going to get an earful,” said Jamie Stamm, another former Herald colleague of Farrington’s. “She came to my wedding, and I remember we sat her at a table that was a mix of (our) coworkers , and she basically held court over that table.”

According to the obituary, memorial services are on hold due to concerns about coronavirus and will be announced at a later date.