Lee County Government confirmed a total of 33 new Coronavirus cases between Saturday and Monday, the Health Department announced in a press release Monday.

After Friday, the total stood at 92. But with seven new cases confirmed Saturday, 11 on Sunday and 15 on Monday, the total now stands at 125. Of those, 20 have now recovered and resumed normal activity – a number that had stood at just seven for the several days prior.

There have been no confirmed COVID-related deaths reported in Lee County.

Last week, the county’s Health Department  began offering a small amount of additional information – age range and gender – about patients with positive tests

Because demographic data is reported on a 24 hour delay, Monday’s cases are not included in the count. But of the 110 cases reported through Monday, 57 percent were female and 43 percent were male.

There were 14 cases between the ages of 0 and 24, 47 between the ages of 25 and 44, 44 between the ages of 45 and 64, and five who were 65 and older.