The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services on Tuesday identified Harrington and Sons Farms in Lee County as a location at which a 19-case outbreak of COVID-19 has occurred.

The business was included in a list released by NCDHHS on Tuesday as part of its disclosure of outbreaks in congregate living facilities. Categories of congregate living facilities include prisons, nursing homes, residential care facilities, and “other.” Harrington and Sons was classified as “other,” with all 19 cases being listed as staff and not residents. The nature of the congregate living facility at Harrington and Sons was unclear, and The Rant has reached out to a Facebook page apparently associated with the farm for clarification.

The NCDHHS data released Tuesday showed no deaths associated with the Harrington and Sons Farms outbreak.

Information about Coronavirus cases in Lee County has been difficult to come by, as the county’s Health Department has not released any identifying information about patients other than age range and gender. But the county has released information about two employees – one in the jail and another in an undisclosed department – testing positive, and WRAL has reported that Coty had a confirmed case. Additionally, there have been reports about a nursing home employee, and multiple employees at Pilgrim’s Pride in Cumnock testing positive.

As of this writing, 282 Lee County residents had tested positive, with two deaths and 116 recoveries.