29 new COVID-19 cases had been identified in Lee County since Saturday, bringing the total number of patients who have tested positive to 534.

Twelve new of the new cases were identified on Saturday, 11 on Sunday and six Monday. The number who had recovered also jumped on Monday by 22 to 350. While overall growth in cases has slowed some – the “doubling rate” in Lee County is much higher than in mid and late April, when cases increased by half every four or five days – there have been double digit increases in six of the past 10 days.

There have been four COVID-related deaths in Lee County.

The county only discloses demographic information – age range and gender – of those who have tested positive. The information is reported on a 24 hour delay, so the three new cases announced Friday are not included below.

But of the 528 cases reported through Sunday, 52 percent were female and 48 percent were male. There were 100 cases in people under 24, 210 between 25 and 44, 181 between 45 and 64, and 37 who were 65 or older.