Lee County is one of eight counties in the state on the “worry” list of the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force, according to the Charlotte Observer. On Wednesday, state health secretary Mandy Cohen said North Carolina is “ramping up testing and tracing resources” here to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

Through Tuesday, Lee County has reported 557 positive COVID-19 cases and four deaths. Of those cases, 386 people have recovered — meaning 171 cases are currently being monitored by health officials. While the doubling rate — the amount of days between cases doubling in numbers — has improved locally, the number of positive cases has remained steady. Lee County reported back-to-back double-digit confirmed cases on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (13, 10), and nearly all of the 557 positive tests have occurred locally in the past two months (Lee County only had six positives through the first week of April).

According to the Charlotte Observer, each day this week, North Carolina has reported a record high for residents hospitalized with COVID-19. On Monday, the state reported 739 patients, 774 on Tuesday and 780 on Wednesday.

State health officials have vowed to send more testing kits and establish better tracing methods in Lee County, according to the report.

“We overlap very much with some of the ones that [the White House} had on [their] list,” Cohen said in the Observer. “It was some of our more urban areas, but I think … that Lee County was one of the ones that she mentioned, in particular.”